Possum Guards

Possums are folivores - herbivores that eat leaves. As well as the leaves of trees ranging from oaks to elms in public parks, they infuriate suburban gardeners with their appetite for roses, camellias, magnolias, fruit trees and an extraordinary variety of other plants, reducing cherished horticultural gems to bare sticks.

If a possum is eating the new growth off a tree, you need to figure out how to block its access to the tree.

Branches should be far enough away from fences and structures so that a possum can't jump to them. This, in combination with blocking access to climbing the trunk of the tree, will give you the best chance of saving your tree from being decimated.

We can come and assess your trees free of charge and figure out the best method of stopping the possums from eating away your trees and eventually killing them.

Possum Guards

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