About Royal Tree Services

We are a small family business owned and operated by Wes Moore, a Cert 3 Qualified Arborist.

After moving from the UK in 2010 and working for a number of tree companies in Melbourne, Wes decided to start his own small company. The business grew quickly and is now well established. Wes always looks forward to fresh challenges.

Royal Tree Services offers a range of tree services to both residential and commercial clients including tree removals, stump-grinding, tree pruning, hedge-trimming and can help guide you in the right direction regarding what is best for your trees.

Operating mainly in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, we ensure all tree works is carried out in a safe and correct manner with a reliable service and customer satisfaction. All tree works are completed in accordance with Australian Standards – AS 4373-2007 “Pruning of Amenity Trees”.

Occupational Health and Safety in the workplace is important to us, which is why we employ the best practices for the safest and most efficient outcome. Our employees are provided with top of the range PPE in order to provide safety and minimise potential accidents in the workplace.

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